Sustainability is inportant for us at Ragnerud

We act responsibly and long-term. We are constantly working to improve our sustainability and take this into account in the decisions we make in our business. This is based on the environmental aspect, the social and our own economic sustainability. We want ourselves and our guests to make as little impact on the environment as possible.

What is sustainability?

Many people think primarily of climate and the environment when they hear the concept of sustainability. But sustainability includes three aspects that you need to take into account in all decisions and in the development you pursue




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This is the basis of everything and can be said to be our life insurance. It is about working in such a way so that we have functioning ecosystem services that provide us with clean air, clean water, filtration of UV rays, insects that pollinate the plants and so on.

The human dimension. How does their business affect themselves and everyone around them? It is, among other things, about how their employees feel, but also about how everyone in a fair and equal way should be able to take part in the earth's resources. Respecting human rights.

The household dimension - not to consume capital without deducting the return. It is about acting long-term and not focusing on maximizing income in the short term. How does their business counteract poverty and stay within the ecological framework.

How we work with sustainability

- We have waste sorting at the facility

- We sort all our waste at source

- We use a lot of locally produced raw materials and products

- Our cottages are built of wood from the local area

- We compost or donate leftovers from the restaurant, café and kiosk.

- We employ many young people and give them a broad experience in working life

- We train our staff in several areas

- We have a large playground that is open to everyone, which activates children in the local area and our guests

- We contribute financially to various organizations and foundations

- We charge for electricity consumption at our campsites, which justifies a reduced electricity consumption

- We send our invoices via email

- We work with a clear structure for the staff to give them security at work

- We turn off the heat in all rooms that are not used

- We have a great commitment to society to safeguard its future

- Our facility has employed 3 generations and looks forward to continuing to do so

- We have a mobile phone ban on our playground to activate the whole family together

- We use a lot of online booking to reduce the workload

- We reduce the consumption of hot water at the plant with hot water buttons and payment terminals in showers

- We make environmentally conscious choices on disposable products

- We try to preserve the nature around us as it is

- We replace plastic products

- We invest a lot in the spring and autumn season to spread the load on the facility.

- If we extend the season, we can hire more people

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