Great food with locally produced from Dalsland and Western Sweden


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and sustainable at Ragnerud Kök

For us, it is important to work sustainably and we do this by using locally produced ingredients and products that are as natural as possible. We always choose Swedish and we always want to be able to choose local ingredients and products from West Sweden and Dalsland. We use nature's own pantry and many ingredients we find in the forest are included in our food and drink menus.



Skallsjö Ekologiska Grönsaker, Brukskällan Bryggeri, Kustcharken, Eventorps Gård, Fristorps Gård, Dalspira Mejeri, Glumseruds Gård, Dalslands Vilt, Assareby Kvarn, Gåsevikens Grönsaker, Gällenäs Grönsaker, Edlseskogs Wärdshus, Brukets Bageri, Mariannes Biodling, Torggummans Ägg, Bramleys Must


Together with the staff, we create an all-encompassing experience where food and drink interact with each other and offer a harmonious palette of flavours. The menu changes according to the season, always putting the best ingredients in the spotlight. We make our food sustainably, locally, from scratch and with natural ingredients. Here, we serve food with down-to-earth flavours and with a thought behind every bite.


A narrow yet broad wine list, focused on naturally produced wines. The wine list is frequently updated to harmonise with the seasonal menu and for you as a guest to have a gastronomic experience with the combinations of food and wine.



In the bar at Ragnerud KÖK, drinks and cocktails without additives are mixed, always highlighting Swedish and local products. We design our drinks menu to match the season, with nature as our pantry. In our bar, in addition to handcrafted drinks, we also serve local beer, naturally produced Swedish cider, local sparkling water and several different local lemonades, apple must and soda.

Ragnerud Kök restaurant Dalsland West Sweden
Ragnerud Kök restaurant Dalsland West Sweden
Ragnerud Kök restaurant Dalsland West Sweden Drinks


April - June


Poached Salmon

Sour cream, pickled rhubarb, sliced ​​cucumber, watercress

135 SEK

Sooted Carpaccio

Chuck heart of dairy cow from Kustcharken, pickled trumpet mushroom,

fir shoots & chive mayo, smoked grated moose heart

135 SEK



Swedish Dumplings

Our signature dish!

"Kroppkaka" - Swedish dumplings with Swedish smoked mushroom, cured lingonberries, browned hazelnut butter, Wrångebäck cheese from Almnäs Bruk

245 SEK

Lace Cabbage

baked, carrot puree, roasted seeds, soy vinaigrette, lemon pickled red onion

240 SEK

Fish of the evening

Sautéed green onions, white wine sauce, sago flakes and butter-tossed potatoes

285 SEK


from Kustcharken with savoy cabbage, tamarind sauce, weed butter and crushed potatoes

309 SEK

Night-baked Beef

carrot cream, jalapaeño oil, lemon-pickled red onion, white bread, sour cream

280 SEK

Smashed Burger - viva la franc

Beef ground chuck from Kustcharken, dijon mayo, beef tomato, caramelized shallots, comté, brioche,

vinegar and terragon fries

235 SEK



Milk chocolate pasty

Cremé anglaise on blueberries from Blåbärkullen, popped oats, chocolate flakes and blueberry scotch

125 SEK

Linuse's Pancake Cake

raspberry jam from Eventorp, lightly whipped cream, dried raspberries and vanilla ice cream

125 SEK




80g beef ground chuck burger from Kustcharken, brioche, tomato, cucumber and fries

95 SEK

Crispy Fish

served with rhode island and fries

95 SEK


3 ECO pancakes served with raspberry jam from Evenstorp Gård and whipped cream

75 SEK

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Ragnerud Kök hamburgare
Ragnerud Kök hamburgare